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The first installment in a new series I've been working on

I've been AFk for quite a while, I know. sorry about that. lots of other things going on in my life that had me preoccupied. I'm back at it though and working on new things. this is a new series of pieces I've been working on. they will be done in sets of 4. I had planned to do these once a week but I have decided to just release them as I finish them. sometimes that will be a week or even less, sometimes more. I'd rather take two or three weeks to release a piece and it be something I'm completely happy with and proud of than release something that isn't up to the standard I hold myself to.
the first set of 4 is Germans and the first in that set is Toni Kroos. I wanted to do Kroos first because I respect and appreciate him so much, being the first player to ever notice my stuff and share it. I'll be forever appreciative of that and wanted to start this off as a tribute to him.
At this time I have no plans to print or distribute these.
#ToniKroos #TKroos #RealMadrid #DieMannschaft #GermanNationalTeam