my 9x24 Halla Madrid piece is finally up for sale. sorry about the long delay. I had a bunch of problems with my printer and ended up having to change printers last minute. it ended up pushing my timeline back over a month. really frustrating. the good news is I like my new printer, so in the future this shouldn't be an issue.
there are two versions of the print. The grey/green version is $40.00 and the run size is 100. the variant is on foil paper (which means the accented areas of the players kits and the stadium will have a metal mirror like finish). The foil variant is $55.00 and there are only 25 prints int he run. the foil paper is pretty expensive so I just couldn't afford to print a larger quantity.
these are limited edition, hand drawn, printed, singed and numbered. they won't ever be reprinted or re-up my inventory.