2/4 of the Germans, Thomas Muller

For the second of the four Germans I wanted to feature my personal favorite player, Thomas Muller. obviously choosing just 4 germans is not an easy descision to make. there are so many greats but I wanted to start with Toni Kroos, for reasons I'd stated in my previous post and Muller because he's been my favorite player since I started watching him play as a youth.

The first installment in a new series I've been working on

I've been AFk for quite a while, I know. sorry about that. lots of other things going on in my life that had me preoccupied. I'm back at it though and working on new things. this is a new series of pieces I've been working on. they will be done in sets of 4. I had planned to do these once a week but I have decided to just release them as I finish them. sometimes that will be a week or even less, sometimes more. I'd rather take two or three weeks to release a piece and it be something I'm completely happy with and proud of than release something that isn't up to the standard I hold myself to.
the first set of 4 is Germans and the first in that set is Toni Kroos. I wanted to do Kroos first because I respect and appreciate him so much, being the first player to ever notice my stuff and share it. I'll be forever appreciative of that and wanted to start this off as a tribute to him.
At this time I have no plans to print or distribute these.
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Fearless Foxes print

normally I pay for funding out of pocket, but I wanted to tryin do things a little different for once. this is my new piece I've been working on for a couple of months. this is an 18x24 three color screen print, and the run size will be a 120. as always every print will be numbered and signed. I'm raising money for printing through GoFundMe (https://www.gofundme.com/FearlessFoxes). don't think of it as donating money. it's more of a pre-order and your money will go toward printing. the campaign has three tiers of donations. $10 is just a donation to help get it printed. $30 is a pre-order with free shipping (so you'd be saving $5 from the full price of a print and your shipping will be free). $50 is a pre-order of two prints and shipping is free (so you'd save $20 on the full price of two prints and shipping will be free). prints will ship immediately after the run comes in.
once the print is on sale it will be $35 and shipping varies depending on the destination.


La Casa Que Messi Construyo

This is a bit late because I have been out of town on vacation. my "La Casa Que Messi Construyo" piece is available in my Society6 and Redbubble stores on canvas, posters, phone cases, tablet cases, and bags in varies sizes and color variations.
please keep in mind if you order these, I do not handle the printing, packaging, or distribution of these. they are handled entirely by Society6 or Redbubble and they then give me a cut of the sale. if you have any issues with the order, please let me know so I can complain to them, but to have your issue resolved, you'd need to contact them.

and in case you missed it on any of my social media pages my "DIE MANNSCHAFT" piece is also available now.
this is an 18x24 with 2 color variants. these can be bought through my site store
 or my Etsy and BigCartel Stores.

Instagram Followers.

Ive got 1,500 Instagram followers. Awesome! Thank you to everyone, especially Toni Kroos. Once I hit another big milestone I'll do some giveaways. Maybe 5k. 

Pricing Change

due to an error in printing the foil variation of the Halla Madrid piece I am dropping the price on that Variation to $30. there is nothing really wrong with the print. it's rather minor but it's not what i had intended for that variation. on the foil variant the players skin, their shirts and the border of the piece was still intended to be all white/grey and the foil was only supposed to show through on the stadium and the parts that were green on the main version. like I said it's not a real big deal but it's not what I intended and promoted so I am dropping the price on those. thanks and keep checking in for my upcoming German National Team Piece!

Halla madrid is finally up for sale.

my 9x24 Halla Madrid piece is finally up for sale. sorry about the long delay. I had a bunch of problems with my printer and ended up having to change printers last minute. it ended up pushing my timeline back over a month. really frustrating. the good news is I like my new printer, so in the future this shouldn't be an issue.
there are two versions of the print. The grey/green version is $40.00 and the run size is 100. the variant is on foil paper (which means the accented areas of the players kits and the stadium will have a metal mirror like finish). The foil variant is $55.00 and there are only 25 prints int he run. the foil paper is pretty expensive so I just couldn't afford to print a larger quantity.
these are limited edition, hand drawn, printed, singed and numbered. they won't ever be reprinted or re-up my inventory.


Halla Madrid print info

the release of my Halla Madrid piece has been postponed due to having to change printers last minute. I've got another printer that is working on it and doing a great job. I had planned on this being available and ready to ship 2-3 weeks ago. sorry for the delay. I know I had posted some stuff and promoted it a little on social media. it's been a real nightmare of a situation.

Mia San Mia is now available

"Mia San Mia". available under STORE on my ETSY page and my BIGCARTEL page.

this is my first official piece. my "Rookie Card" if you will. it is a 18"x24", seven color screen print on 100# Kraft-Tone Standard White paper. It took about 300 hours start to finish and is available for $50 in the store.

I chose Bayern for my first piece because I am and always have been a huge Bayern fan. I committed to starting this new adventure up at this time for personal reasons and didn't want to let the struggle that ended up being the fraught 2014/2015 season stop me from dedicating my first piece to the team and colors I have watched and admired for so many years. Obviously it would have been better and more meaningful if they had gone on to win the Champions Cup, but I love them all the same. win or lose, Mia San Mia

also available at ETSY and BIGCARTEL

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